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SetSight provides a harmonized platform ingesting EDI, retailer POS, syndicated, digital, cross-retailer price movement, weather, and your internal data.
SetSight combines these disparate sets of information for automated reporting, machine learning, and visualization.

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A well-defined data and analytics strategy is required by SetSight to optimize operations. We leverage our WinRep framework to deliver a cross-platform data analytics strategy to ensure your organization possesses a strong data foundation to build into the future. Our process is built for swiftness and effortlessness. Our team will assist you in strategizing a solution to have a deeper insight for long-term growth.

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SetSight will ingest your retailer data, creating an enterprise look. Before you see your automated Excel reports, the data goes through a rigorous QA process that ensures no missing data or duplication of data. Our number one goal is to make your teams' lives more efficient and effective when mining data. SetSight will separate S&I from category information, and set up alerts on sales and inventory.

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SetSight utilizes Tableau, PowerBI, and other custom tools to create interactive dashboards and reports. Use the strength of SetSight's community dashboards and teams, or build your own dashboards. SetSight can easily transform data into charts and graphs to tell a story with your data. You can also enable real-time analytics by directly connecting to data sources that contain up-to-the-minute information.

Automated Data Ingestion

SetSight will ingest all your data points -- we are partnering with over 90 retailers today -- gathering
POS, EDI, and other types of data needed by our clients. Types of Information ingested include:

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SetSight ingests EDI information via carbon copies
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Retailer POS
SetSight pulls in retailer data to help
with Category, Sales, and Inventory decisions
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Syndicated Data
SetSight can partner with your Syndicated Data
company to make informed decisions
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SetSight ingests weather data
to help with supply chain insights
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Third Party
SetSight can work with other companies' retailer data
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SetSight can connect with google sheets
or other internal documents
Our Mission
SetSight maximizes your business efficiency with user-focused service; It's our highest priority.
We listen to our users' needs and respond with personalized solutions. Our excellent service and strong communication methods put users first.
A customer service support member is always available to take your phone call, answer your email, or chat online; we truly value our user service relationships.
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Build internal expertise regarding all available data across multiple retailers / industry segments
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Create key retailer standardized modules to enable out-of-the-box implementation for new customers
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Provide category and supply chain management services as an outsourced partner.
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Improve internal processes/procedures to guarantee efficient operations and new customer implementation, rapid harvesting of new business opportunities and continuous improvement in solution/service offering based on the latest technologies available
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Accelerate the achievement of national exposure and scalability by partnering with other 3rd party providers to offer a more comprehensive set of supply chain solutions and services
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Company Leaders
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Why SetSight?

SetSight maximizes your business efficiency with user-focused service; it's our highest priority. We listen to our users' needs, and respond with personalized solutions. Our excellent service and strong communication methods put users first. We truly value our user service relationships. The SetSight customer service team has worked in the Retail sector and speaks your language. We're sensitive to the ups and downs, the urgency, the trust you put into our reliability and accuracy, and most importantly, a positive outcome for our customer.

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Make your team's lives more efficient and effective in mining data

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SetSight will separate S&I from category information

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SetSight will set up alerts on sales and inventory

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At SetSight, we are constantly innovating and creating community dashboards for visualization

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More recently SetSight has developed an AUTOMATED PLANOGRAMMING tool, MACHINE LEARNING algorithms, and STREET PRICING if you are a SetSight customer

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